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Seasonal Cakes Available Through February

Traditional “Red” Velvet Cake with Ermine Frosting (V)
1/2 Order (available for 2/14/18 orders only) $20

Description: This traditional dye-free red velet cake is made with organic beetroot powder to give it a very slight hint of red color and frosted lightly with ermine frosting. There is just enough cocoa powder in it to give a very faint hint of cocoa. (V)

Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Dipped Strawberries (GF)(V)
1/2 Order (available for 2/14/18 orders only) (V) $20 (GF) $21

Description: The Chocolate Cake is composed of 4 layers of vegan chocolate cake, filled with strawberry ermine frosting and topped with chocolate dipped strawberries. (GF)(V)

(GF) or (V) denotes cake is available gluten free or vegan.

All cakes are 2 layers 6 inches starting $40+ (GF) $42+

Banana Cake
Cardamom-Chai Cake (GF)(V)
Carrot cake (GF)
Chiffon Cake*
Chocolate Cake **new recipe** (GF)(V)
Cinnamon Roll Cake (GF)
Vanilla Cake (GF)(V)

Cupcakes start at $40+ per dozen.

Minimum order 1 dozen cupcakes. All cake flavors are available in cupcakes except for chiffon cake.

(GF) or (V) denotes cake is available gluten free or vegan.

*Chiffon cakes are available in any of the flavors listed under Frosting. My personal favorite is sesame chiffon cake with matcha frosting (or vice versa).

Every cake is filled and topped with gluten free, vegan ermine frosting. Frosting is vanilla unless, I’ve paired another flavor to compliment the cake or you request a custom flavor. 

**NEW** Refined-sugar free frosting starts at $3+. 

Custom frosting flavor starts at $3+.


And many more flavors. If a flavor is not listed, it doesn’t mean it’s not available. Just ask!

3 + 1 =

My family absolutely loved the vegan, nut-free chocolate cake, and it was so special to be able to enjoy it together despite my son’s multiple food allergies. Mei was incredibly accommodating, and I placed a second order right away. I feel so fortunate to have found Pluff Cakes!!

Amanda Washburn Forbus

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